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Photo (peasap)

The average person would probably respond to that question with the statement, “I am.” Some may think that before too long the government will be. But being in charge necessitates knowledge, power, and authority.  Those three things alone make the prospects of a government in charge a scary thought.  When you think about knowledge, power, and authority as the requirements for being in charge, even us being in charge of our body is a frightening idea.

Do you have the knowledge to make insulin, or any other of the thousands of chemicals your body needs, for that matter. We take some of these chemicals directly into our body in the food we consume, but most of them are created by a process of utilising the foods we eat and changing them into these chemicals. Even if you did have the knowledge, do you have the ability or the power to do that? It takes thousands of chemical reactions to make these chemicals. In fact, all of these chemical reactions are taking place in a factory the size of a human cell. Imagine if you had the responsibility of making sure that your heart beat 72 times a minute or that your lungs were inhaling and exhaling 12-16 times a minute.  You would have no time to think about anything else during the course of the day! And heaven forbid you should go to sleep at night!

Who is in change of your body when you are sleeping?

I would suggest that the same one is in charge of it 24 hours a day.  Fortunately, we have not been given the responsibility of being in charge of our body, at  least not the vital aspects of it.  Sure, we need to put good food in there, but thankfully we don’t have the responsibility of turning that food into flesh and blood.  You see, nature has placed a principle of life within our bodies, what we call an “inborn “or “innate” intelligence, to run our bodies from the moment of conception until the moment of death. Actually, this same principle is in every living organism from a one-celled amoeba to an All Black rugby player. It is the innate intelligence that is in charge of your body. Some might argue it is the brain that is in charge of running your body. After all, it is pretty much the most important organ in the body. But it is not in control of your body, any more than the engine of a car runs and controls the car. It is the driver that is in charge. Every corpse has a brain. But it no more runs your body than a computer can run anything when it has no power going to it. The innate intelligence uses the heart, the liver, the brain, and every other organ of the body as tools to help keep you alive and healthy.  

The nerve system is an especially important tool in controlling and coordinating the functions of the entire body.  That is why the chiropractor pays particular attention to the nerve system and interferences to it that can be caused by subluxation (a structural shift in the bones of your spine causing nerve interference).  They interfere with the control and coordination mechanism.  The innate intelligence of the body is directly in charge of your body. It has been created that way.  

So what is our role?

Well it is up to us to do the common sense things that are necessary to allow the innate intelligence to do its job in running the body. We need to put good food in it, exercise, and give it the necessary rest. We need to remove interferences to its proper function, things like poisons, toxins, and environmental problems like pollution. There is one other interference. That is the vertebral subluxation we mentioned a moment ago. We may not be able to correct it ourselves but we can take our spine to a professional, your local chiropractor who can remove that interference. In that way the innate intelligence of your body will be free to “take charge.”