Photo ( Doug Wheller )

Photo (Doug Wheller)

Sadly, when it comes to an individual’s health, for most people no one seems to be in charge. That is at least part of the reason why health care is in a state of chaos. The problem is that too many people would like to be in charge.

First, the government would like to control the health care system, and year by year they seem to acquire more control. Yet the bureaucracy of government is wholly unqualified to make decisions regarding people’s health.  For most people the logical person to be in charge of a person’s health is their doctor . Most physicians assume that role even if they do so reluctantly.  In this age of specialty, no single physician can be familiar enough with every aspect of an individual’s health or an individual’s body to confidently take control.  It is just too big a task and as a result, too great a responsibility.  So doctors share the responsibility.  In doing so however, they never get a full grasp on the health of the person, simply because there are so many aspects to an individual’s health.  Not to mention they may be out of touch with what the other practitioners are doing.  So, who is or should be in charge of your health?

By this time, you are dreading to hear the answer, because most people deep down inside know what the answer is.  You are responsible for your health. 

You say “I have enough responsibilities in my life, I don’t need another, especially one as important as my health. After all, didn’t the doctor go to school for years to acquire the knowledge to be in charge of my body?  Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. Sure, you can go to a doctor and have him give you advice or perform a procedure on you, but when it comes right down to it you have to make the decisions relative to your health and you have to live or die with the consequences.  No one is going to make those decisions for you.  Before you get too upset over the apparent enormity of the task, realise that there is a good deal of information out there.  There is the Internet, something that was not available to many a decade ago. There are also lots of professionals with experience, many of whom are not physicians but have good ideas and helpful information.  

However, by far the best thing an individual has in taking charge of their health is the sound mind and common sense that nature gave them. A few simple, common sense facts can go a long way toward making good decisions regarding your health.

Here they are:

1. Your body was designed to function properly, to be healthy and maintain itself in a state of health.

2. It has an inborn wisdom to run it from birth to death.

3. It needs nutritious food, pure water, and clean air.

4. Regular exercise, proper rest and a good mental attitude are important.

5. It really needs no help, just no interference. If you can remove those things that interfere with the body working as it should, it will last you a lifetime. That is the role of the chiropractor. A chiropractor removes interference in the nerve system due to vertebral subluxation (a structural shift in the bones of your spine).

Those are really common sense action steps and that is the best thing we have going for us.  If we would just use our common sense and utilise the expertise of professionals when we need them, we can easily assume responsibility for our own well-being and enjoy a lifetime of good health.