Photo( JD Hancock )

Photo(JD Hancock)

Science has created so many artificial parts like hearts, knees and other joints, insulin pumps, eye lenses; even I have a metal rod inside my leg. More and more parts can be replaced every day, so that we may begin to see the body as a machine and think that our educated brains will one-day design any  part the body needs.

 As great as some of these “inventions” are, we should realise that the ideas largely  came from observing the body itself and its parts. Where did we get the idea of an artificial heart? It is merely a pump and where did the general idea of a pump come from? It came from observing the heart. The filters in our air-conditioning are merely a duplication of the hairs in our nose except that they do have to be replaced every month while the filters in our nose last a lifetime. We have water filters attached to the kitchen sink but the body had them before they were invented, we call them kidneys.  

 Robotic arms that are able to pick up objects are merely a duplication of the hand and fingers. The first musical drums were probably just logs struck with a stick. Later, a skin stretched over a hollow bowl caused the sound to be increased and improved the tone. Today we have tympani drums that enhance the sound of the orchestra. But our bodies have always had a small flap of skin called the tympanic membrane or eardrum that allows us to hear. Hamburgers are almost a staple for many New Zealanders. Who knows where the idea of ground meat came from? We might never know. Nevertheless, the mechanism behind ground meat is the same as the meat grinders in your mouth...your teeth. Good idea...but something you could do yourself. 

 As these scientific discoveries have replicated or mimicked living structures and the function of living organisms, we have begun to look at the human body as a piece of machinery rather than a living interdependent organism. In so doing, we overlook the most important fact. There is a principle of life that is inborn in living organisms, that runs and maintains them from birth until death. A suspension bridge may mimic the arch of the foot but there is no suspension bridge in the world that can withstand the stresses per square inch that are placed upon the arch of the foot by every step we take. The intelligence of the body continually regulates and repairs itself, a feat that is impossible in any lab or through any computer.

 Interestingly, this “innate intelligence” of the body uses something else that we have replicated only less efficiently and effectively. The human brain acts as a computer and information system, only it is far more complicated and efficient than the one mankind has designed. Again, because it is not just circuit boards and wiring, it is a living dynamic organism. It does have a limited ability to repair, which is one reason why we should care for it and protect it as much as possible.

 How important would you say the brain is to the health and function of your body?

Answer – Vital!

 Your brain with its nerves extending throughout the body is called the nervous system. It has natural protection called the skull and spine, but when that natural protection misaligns or shifts it can put pressure on the “wiring system” and then the “information system” does not work optimally. This is called a structural shift or a Subluxation and it interferes or distorts the communication between your brain and your body. A Structural Chiropractor corrects these structural shifts in the spine, improving the communication between your brain and your body, leading to better function, less accidents and a healthier you. 

 We can take pride in our scientific and medical accomplishments. But we should be humbled by the amazing function of the human body. It does millions of things that science probably does not yet understand never mind being able to replicate.

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