Photo ( Marcin Chady )

Photo (Marcin Chady)

In 2014 Irene van Dyk retired from netball. Irene’s international career finished with 5917 goals from 6572 shots, a 90% shooting record. Nobody else reached more than 85 per cent.

Now, what’s the difference between shooting 90% and shooting 85%?

It is getting just one more goal every twenty times you shoot. Now, that does not seem like a tremendous feat, yet that one goal makes you one of the greatest netball players that ever lived. 

So what does netball have to do with you?

Probably not much except as a spectator. The point is, that often there is very little difference between greatness and mediocrity. That is why so many athletes do so many little things just to get that little bit of an edge. The principle of paying attention to the small things in order to be successful can be applied to any business, job or profession. Not only is it paying attention to the small things, but it includes making sure that you take care of the seemingly unimportant things; the things that you think can take care of themselves. 

One area that people take for granted is their health and proper function. They do not worry about it until they lose it, until it begins to affect their job, their productivity or their earning capacity. Here is a thought: feeling poorly, being sick, not having sufficient physical and mental energy, not being able to focus on your work will affect your productivity, your earning capacity and your ability to succeed in your line of work. Suppose you do not ever realise that you are working at less than your capacity, that you are not experiencing the mental and physical energy necessary to do your job better. However, what if you could be 5% better.

What difference would that make?

What impact could that have on your life? 

Perhaps there are things you could be doing to make you a better employee, a more valuable asset to your company. What about non-work related activities, could you be a better parent, perform better at sport or just to be more productive in whatever you do.  Perhaps getting to bed earlier, or getting more exercise would do it. Getting your spine checked by a Chiropractor for nerve interference, and adjusted on a regular basis, is an advantage. It makes sense to have your nerve system working at a higher level, because every organ, gland and cell in your body needs the vital nerve energy to do its job.   

What if we were all to start doing these little things that give us that extra 5 %? What if we fuel the body with good nutritious food, exercise regularly and of course have your regular Chiropractic checkup to clear up the communication between your brain and your body? If we do all these little things making ourselves that 5 % better imagine what life would be like, imagine what the world would be like.

I for one; cannot wait to see that day!

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Have a fantastic day!