Everyone seems to be attempting to improve their performance these days. 

Especially if you are a runner, always looking for that edge to make you faster or stronger. But this mentality also extends beyond running.


The economy has corporations and industries trying to get the most out of their employees.

Other athletes are doing all kinds of things to improve their athletic performance.

Perhaps it is part of the human psyche that we all want to do better at work, at play, and at everything else.


Because I am quite competitive I know that I am always looking to go faster, go further and to be better. You are reading this article so I assume you are in the same boat.

It is safe to say we are going to great lengths to improve our performance. 

Self-help programs,

food supplements,



and meditation are just a few of the methods that people are using to attempt to improve their performance in various aspects of life.


One of the easiest and most effective ways of improving performance, generally and in specific areas such as running, is to REMOVE or REDUCE the interference to maximum performance. 


Unfortunately, our society is geared toward ADDING something rather than REMOVING something.  

Instead of removing the mental and emotional stresses that interfere with our ability to train, perform on the day or recover, we use a range of techniques to make our internal problems go away thinking it makes up for a lack of sleep, lack of recovery or decreasing stress. 


Instead of removing the unhealthy things from our diet which we know hamper our running performance, we might add supplements assuming that will compensate for a poor diet.

Instead of addressing the cause of our lack of energy (often not getting enough rest), we have an extra coffee as if it were a substitute for getting the proper rest. 


The human body has all that is needed to reach peak performance. 


Adding things to our body, especially in the form of unnatural chemicals (like excessive coffee), may stimulate increased performance on a temporary basis, but it cannot be sustained and in the long run (pun intended), it will actually start to hamper your running performance.


The best we can do is to live naturally and remove interferences. That may not make us the best runner that there is, but it will make us the best we can be and that should be sufficient. 

Have a great day!

Dr. Ryno


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Dr. Ryno Tope is a Doctor of Chiropractic, a member of the New Zealand Chiropractic Association, and owner of Structural Chiropractic in Hastings, Hawke’s Bay. Dr. Tope focuses on an area of chiropractic called Structural Correction and has been in practice for 6 years. You can reach Dr. Tope at drryno@structuralchiro.co.nz or 06•651•1004. You can also follow the Structural Chiropractic Facebook page (www.facebook.com/StructuralChiropracticHB).