I want to refer my brother, sister, child, neighbour, co-worker...Can you help them?

I'm often asked (usually by an existing practice member) who I can help and if there are people I can't help or should not seek our services. It's a great question and here's the answer:

The objective of our process is to restore normal function to spinal structure and nerve system function, thus drastically increasing and improving health. This is called Structural Correction and it's one of the main things that makes a Structural Chiropractor different than almost any other on the planet.  Like physicians and dentists have their areas of focus - so does the chiropractic profession - one such area is ours…Structural Correction.

Who can benefit from this care?

Anyone who demonstrates indicators of structural or neurological distortion.

How would they know?

Since the majority of health and functional changes that structural distortion and nerve pressure lead to are NOT represented by Secondary Conditions (symptoms or body signals), the ONLY way to know is to be tested with a Bio-Structural examination.

A series of Structural and Functional Neurological tests can determine if Structural Correction is required.

Is there anyone who should never see a Structural Chiropractor?

YES. There are 2 types of people who can not benefit from seeing a Life By Design Chiropractor.

 1. Someone, who after examination and testing, has NO indication of Structural Distortion.

 2. Someone who after examination has indication of Structural Distortion and Nerve Pressure BUT has no desire to correct the underlying primary problem and be healthier than they currently are.

 If you have a desire to be healthier an examination is warranted. If not, let's help them find a traditional chiropractor who can offer a quick short term fix. In the first case, they'll be on the track towards a healthier life and in the worst case, at least they'll feel better for a while until they're ready to make a significant and lasting change.