If this is your first time visiting a Chiropractor, we get that it might feel a little bit strange (or sometimes even scary).  
From the moment you enter our door, our caring and friendly team will warmly welcome you and ensure that make you feel at home.  Your free consultation is all about making sure you are in the right place.  After being greeted by our front desk super star & completing a little paperwork, you will begin your consultation with Dr. Ryno Tope. 

At your FREE consultation, you can expect: 

Health History: This is where we find out more about you and where your body has taken you.  We will also explore your goals for your immediate and future health and how Chiropractic can help you get there.  We will then provide you with an overview of Chiropractic, and then explain how our focus - Neuro-structural Correction - is quite different from conventional chiropractic.  Most importantly, we'll determine if this can be the solution you have been searching for to achieve optimal health and wellbeing.

Neuro-structural Assessment:  How well is your body communicating with itself?   We will utilise state of the art technology (the only technology of its kind certified by the space foundation) to discover where potential breakdowns are occurring that may be affecting your overall function and level of health. 

Following your chiropractic consultation with Dr. Ryno, you are more than welcome to proceed on that day, or on a future date, with a complete in-depth Neuro-structural assessment.

Once again, there is no charge for our consultation, and there will be no high-pressure sales gimmicks. 

To find out more details and to make an appointment please complete the form below or call us at:
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