You do it when you go to the gym, go for a run or sometimes when you go for a walk, but what about warming up before those holiday DIY projects? 

With summer here, we usually have some time off and a to-do list that has, up to this point, just kept getting longer.

So we often use this time to catch up on some DIY’s, especially over the next couple of weeks.

We might think of it quite simply as some painting, gardening or even building a deck, but we often underestimate how physically taxing this could be on our body.

Some Quick Facts: One in two (50%) who were personally injured taking on a home improvement project got hurt doing basic garden maintenance.

Nearly one in four (24%) were put on the injured list while painting the inside of their homes; and nearly one in five (17%) blame routine home maintenance projects for their injuries.

At this time of year we see an increase in people seeking care, for conditions brought on by sudden bursts of new activity after winter deconditioning, which essentially means they are out of shape.

Injuries are really common, especially among people who have tried to do too much or attempt new activities without enough preparation beforehand. 

We know from ACC that every week people are injured in accidents at home. Last year, ACC received claims for more than 3,000 accidents on Christmas Day and 3,500 injuries on Boxing Day, which together cost nearly $5 million.

I am hopeful that with a little preparation, and some fine-tuning of people’s neuromusculoskeletal systems through Structural Correction, we can reduce those numbers this year.

Groundbreaking New Zealand research has shown that chiropractic care can help improve muscle strength and control, and assist with balance and coordination; which may also help prevent strains, falls and other injuries.

Normal Structure - The base of your skull, level of shoulders and pelvis are all level with the ground.

Normal Structure - The base of your skull, level of shoulders and pelvis are all level with the ground.

US research shows that more than one quarter (26%) of homeowners who have completed a DIY project, reported injuries to themselves or someone else in their household during a home maintenance project, according to a survey by the National Safety Council.

This number may be slighter higher in New Zealand due to our can-do, number eight wire mentality and love of DIY. Additionally, over winter many people stop exercising as much. This can result in joint stiffness, loss of muscle strength, muscle memory and control.

It is important to be active, however, care should be taken to prepare for any sort of strenuous or new activity, not just sports, to reduce risk of injury and to warm up and cool down appropriately.

We all should develop and maintain a regular varied physical exercise programme, in conjunction with advice from your chiropractor, that is individually tailored to their needs.

Your body has a requirement for regular movement to stimulate growth and repair, starting at a cellular level and on throughout the entire body.

Inactivity affects all body systems and in ways you might not even be consciously aware of. The good news is it is never too late to start moving.

It can start as easy as simply going for a walk, 20 - 30 minutes once a day (outside of work) can make a tremendous difference.

We often underestimate how powerful a simple walk can be, as well as how far-reaching the positive consequences can be.

Even modest increases in how much you move can even have an impact on your brain.  

FATIGUE and total MOOD have been shown to improve with as little as 10 MINUTES of moderate intensity movement, even better results were seen after 20 minutes.

Just be sure to work within your limits, and build up activity slowly and sensibly, to reduce your risk of injury on those DIY projects, and to enjoy the holiday season and summer.

PS. If you don't know where to start? Download this free PDF - THE 3 BEST MOBILITY EXERCISES YOU HAVEN'T TRIED YET

Dr Ryno is a familiar face around Hawke’s Bay for many years, having worked as a Chiropractor for the past 5 years before opening his new practice in Hastings called Structural Chiropractic; a practice that focuses on Structural Correction. Learn more HERE.