I recently read an article which asked, “What percentage of the time was the Apollo 11 on course to the moon in 1969?”

The answer was a surprising 3%.

That’s correct, 97% of the time they were off course and had to correct their course. Fortunately, they were able to constantly make those corrections so they ended up at their destination.

The idea of correcting course is not so difficult to understand when it comes to travel. How much of the time when we are driving to a preplanned destination, is our car pointed directly at that destination? Driving to Hastings, in the early evening, will put the sun on your left or right side more than it will put it directly in front of you (i.e. west).

Sometimes, especially with those new road developments and “detours”, you actually have to go the wrong direction to arrive at a destination!

We cannot drive “as the crow flies”, so we are constantly changing direction. I am not sure that migrating birds even travel in a straight line. 

Life is about checking and correcting.

When it comes to the human body there is a constant checking and correcting process. The weather can drop 10 degrees in the course of a day (especially lately) and the body must make changes to adapt. Even though we can put on heavier clothes, there is still a need to adapt. Parts of our body are subject to those changes. How well your body can “check and correct” is largely dependent on how well your body is functioning.

There are many things that can affect how your body functions. The food that we put into our body, and changes in the quality of the air that we breathe, are just two factors that can affect how the body functions and affect how well your body can “check and correct” to keep your health on track.

Similarly, when your body is not supplied with enough movement through the day, or if there is a Structural Shift obstructing the communication between your brain and body, your ability to “check and correct” gets impaired. This could have devastating effects upon your ability to adapt and as a result your health.

Just like the astronauts of the Apollo 11 had to check and correct to stay on course to the moon, so your body needs to be able to check and correct to keep your health on track.

That is why we engage in health promoting activities on a regular basis. This is why we regularly supply our body with healthy nutrient dense foods, why we move on a regular basis, have a positive outlook and regularly have our spine checked for Structural Shifts obstructing the communication between our brain and our body. The reason why we do this is to allow our body a better ability to “check and correct”, to stay on track with our health.

Often people seem discouraged because they seem to be off track with their health. Sometimes, they even express concern that they may be spending more time off track than on. But, that is one of the fantastic things about the human body. When it is “on course,” when it is working properly, it has the capacity to do some pretty fantastic things. If the astronauts can make it to the moon only being on course for 3% of the time, imagine what your body can do if you provide it with what it needs so it can “check and correct”. Even if it only stays corrected 3% of the time, the body is expressing itself 100%, making changes, creating new tissues, healing and normalising function.

That is no small thing.

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