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Sixty-six percent of your body is water, so replenish yourself with the best: pure natural source spring water. If you feel thirsty, you’re already dehydrated - drink water regularly and your body will thank you.

The label of a bottle of natural spring water

Even the people who make a living by selling bottles that they have filled with water (that comes free from nature) understand a very important concept, one that most people miss.

By the time a symptom appears, the body may have been in trouble for a while.

Now we all know that dehydration is a bad thing, in fact, it can be fatal. The first signs of this condition are a feeling of thirst and the best treatment for the condition is to drink water.

Most people do not think about the condition of dehydration in their body, they don’t even think about treating the symptom, they just think that they are thirsty so they grab their favourite beverage.

That’s the problem with depending upon how we FEEL to determine whether we are HEALTHY or our bodies are working properly.

Feelings can be deceiving and are subject to wide variations.

Not only are symptoms a poor indication since they can be easily altered with alcohol or drugs, but according to the water bottle label, your body is already in need of water and therefore not functioning as it should before you are even aware of the need for water (feel thirsty).

So if you cannot depend upon symptoms, even the symptom of thirst, to tell you when your body is in need of something, what can you depend upon?

You really have to depend upon common sense for the most part.

So-called authorities tell us we should drink 6-8 glasses of water a day, but that is only an average and does not reflect YOUR daily need, or YOUR specific need; for example if you are playing a sport or working in the garden on a hot day.

In the case of water, it would seem that you should drink enough every day so that you are never thirsty.

If that is only four glasses on a particular day, then that may be all you need.

Another day you may need eight.

If you are thirsty, well, that means you are not getting enough water. It’s not easy but it’s the only way to experience a properly functioning body.

When it comes to Structural Shifts in the spine, there is absolutely no way you can tell by symptoms or feelings that you need a chiropractic adjustment.

We were designed with a thirst mechanism because the need for water is a normal part of life.

Eating is a normal part of life, so we have hunger pangs.

We were not designed to be Structurally Displaced.

It is not normal.

It comes from the inability to handle physical, chemical and emotional stresses. There are no symptoms to indicate that a vertebra is out of its proper position and interfering with the function of the nerve system.

If that dysfunction lasts long enough and parts of the body begin to break down, there may eventually be what we refer to as SECONDARY CONDITIONS or Symptoms. Just like a house that has Structural Shift in the framework, you might eventually end up with a crack up a wall, doors that don’t open or windows that get stuck. Secondary issues from an underlying PRIMARY Structural Shift.

It is important to realise that by the time a Secondary Condition appears it may be too late or damage may already have occurred that is beyond the body’s ability to repair.

It only takes a moment to satisfy your thirst mechanism.

After that, the body does the rest by replenishing the cells and tissues with needed fluid.

In similar fashion, correcting a Structural Shift only takes a few moments. After that, the body starts to function differently, the muscles, discs, ligaments and most importantly the Nervous System starts functioning differently.

Correcting Structural Shifts leads to better function, less accidents and a truly healthier you.

Who doesn’t want that?



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