One of the most difficult concepts to get across to the public is the devastating effects of a Structural Shift in the spine.

We could show you all kinds of diseases and say that a Structural Shift causes those diseases. But, that would not be quite honest. That would be like saying that being a couch potato and not exercising regularly causes heart disease. It is undoubtedly a factor, but there are other factors also. No one can possibly say what is the major factor or the cause.

In addition to that, I do not want to focus on a negative like disease. I would rather be proactive, to talk about correcting Structural Shifts to maintain your health and reach your full potential in every area of life.

Unfortunately, some of us are only motivated by fear, the fear of being sick or dying from some horrible disease. So, for those people let’s take a minute to talk about just how bad this thing called a Structural Shift really is. When there is a Structural Shift in your spine, your digestive system will not work at its full potential. Your body cannot produce the exact quantity and quality of chemicals necessary to digest the food that you eat. The food will not be absorbed into your body as it should, because the cells involved in absorption are not working as they should, because the food is not being broken down properly. Those organs, tissues, and cells involved with changing absorbed foods into flesh and blood will not work properly without a good nerve supply. When there is a Structural Shift in your spine, your immune system is not working as it should. The organs and cells involved in keeping you resistant to viruses and bacteria are working at less than their potential. When you are “SHIFTED” you cannot think as well, your coordination is lessened, energy levels are decreased. A Structural Shift literally affects every part of your body, because every part of your body, in one way or another, is dependent upon a properly functioning nerve system.

A Structural Shift affects the entire body.

In this day and age, when there are so many stresses upon the body, chemical, physical, and mental we cannot afford to have an improperly functioning nerve system. We cannot be sure about the quality of the water that we drink or the air that we breathe. We cannot know for sure that our body is getting all the nutrients that we need from our food sources. We cannot help being exposed to microorganisms, many of which are more powerful than ever. We can do nothing about the genetic weaknesses that we inherited from our parents. But, by keeping our nerve system free of Obstruction, we can be sure that any potential that we have will be expressed as well as possible.

With so many chemicals, toxins and poisons in our food, air, water, not to mention those we purposely put in our bodies because we “enjoy” them, we must keep our elimination system working as close to perfect as possible. The bowels, the kidneys, and other organs of elimination cannot work properly with an Obstruction to the function of the nerve system.

Hopefully by now, you realise how devastating a Structural Shift is. It may not be the most dramatic negative effect on the body. Surely, getting hit by a truck is worse. But, there is probably no other single entity that can have such widespread negative effects on your body. By saying that correcting a Structural Shift, improving the function of the spine and nervous system could just possibly be one of the most powerful things you can do to improve your health and quality of life.

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