Trouble sleeping but can't sleep longer?

Try and focus on improving sleep quality.

From what I have seen in practice over the last few years, most people seem to have trouble sleeping.

Traditional approaches focus on ADDING something to help you sleep better. It might be a herb, a glass of water, a pill... the list goes on.

BUT... if you are like me and you believe that being healthy is our natural state then instead of asking "WHAT DO I NEED TO ADD" that will make me sleep better, ask "WHAT SHOULD I TAKE AWAY" to help me sleep better.

In other words, what am I doing that is interfering with my body's natural ability to have a good nights sleep.

It may be that... 
- coffee you are having after 2-4 pm, 
- the excessing light in your room from your cell phone the TV or laptop.
- that hour of binge-watching "House of Cards" on Netflix.

What can you take away to interfere less with your sleep?

Have a great day!
Dr. Ryno
Chiropractor and Clinic Director at Structural Chiropractic