Better Posture - The Forgotten Edge To Your Healthy Life

Shoulders rounded, head forward and eyes down.

Does this look like any teenagers you know?

Worse – does it look like any grown-ups you know?

It’s human nature to assume this Quasimodo-like trend is “NO BIG DEAL” -- but your Grandmother was wise when she told you to “stand up straight!”

At the core of our bodies is a forgotten organ called the spine.

Made up of 24 moveable bones and 23 spongy discs, it is held together by over 220 specialised ligaments, made moveable by 120 muscles and, most importantly, it protects the most vital system in the human body... 


It goes without saying that this primary system for communication, which organises health, healing and organ function, should be a key part of your health and self-care.  

Sadly it’s not, and profound changes in the posture of our population are evidence of this attitude.

The FIRST real issue...

Poor posture is NOT just a SPINE PROBLEM. It’s a serious HEALTH PROBLEM.

Two recent studies (American Geriatric Society and Spinal Disorders) noted an increase in mortality by 1.45x in those people with forward head posture!

Add to that an increase in the dreaded “hump” at the top of the thoracic spine, extra stress to the muscles of the neck, decreased lung capacity by 30%, and even compression on internal organs  – it’s a serious matter.


This health problem is just one more indicator we are living in opposition to what our body requires.

From early in life our children sit at desks for school and slouched on the couch playing video games, Instagramming or texting.

This continues into adulthood for most.


Greater than 6 hours per day of sitting - also increases mortality. Sitting to the spine is much like sugar to the teeth – it causes decay and dysfunction.

The SECOND real issue...

"Bad Posture" is often the result of a Structural Shift.

Many professions treat posture by addressing the muscles through stretching or exercise.

Because poor posture is often a sign of an underlying Structural Shift this may not get to the CORE of the problem. When the Structural Alignment is restored and the Central Nervous System is working properly, your brain will actually straighten you out better and faster than strong or loosened muscles.

Living an EXTRAORDINARY healthy life starts with addressing this Brain – Body Connection (the function of your spine and nervous system).

Ensuring the health of this delicate pathway is our role here at Structural Chiropractic.


As you are certainly well aware, Chiropractic has helped many patients within the realm of musculoskeletal conditions; however, you may not be aware of the Structural Corrective approach to care that we have been using in our office.

Granted, many people associate Chiropractic care with the treatment of local fixations, spasms, and irritations of the spine.

However, at Structural Chiropractic, we focus on using a specific protocol to assess and measure for structural abnormalities and using very specific and gentle corrective methods to restore normal function.

Improving function, decreasing accidents and injuries while optimising the function of all muscles and organs. Laying a foundation of healthy function that can be supported with specific lifestyle changes.

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