There are so many different approaches to training from CrossFit, Bootcamps, Olympic Lifting and Powerlifting to walking on a treadmill, long distance running, machine based training and hundreds of others.

In order to determine the best system for you...

you will need to start with one simple question... 


"What are my goals?"

If your goal is to complete a marathon, become good at the sport of fitness or you judge the quality of your training based on how close you come to vomiting... Then this blog post is NOT for you.

If your goal is to get stronger, more mobile, lose body fat, increase your stamina, improve blood flow, digest your food better, sleep more soundly, feel better about yourself and live longer, all while NOT injuring yourself, NOT vomiting, and NOT crushing your body every single workout... Then read further. 

We have clear indicators that our body requires much more AND different types of movement than are currently considered "normal" for the average person.

Movement is required for life and Optimal movement is required for a maximised life. No one would disagree with this principle.

The only question is...


What strategies best fulfill this requirement?

The Move By Design Training System™ is our advice on how to best fulfill this requirement. It is our objective to demonstrate for and direct our community towards what is necessary to be optimal.

The Move By Design Training System™ focuses on the 4 requirements of healthy movement:

Be Mobile

Strength (Lift Heavy)

Conditioning (Move Fast)

General Movement (Move Slow)

Since this is a very broad topic, this blog post we will focus on the most essential part of our movement requirements - BE MOBILE.

A well-balanced mobility program is quite often the thing lacking in most peoples training or the first thing to be cut when time is short (which is always!).

Our lives are filled with daily stressors like sitting at desks, driving, working on computers, watching TV; even toxic food and emotional chaos contribute to the POOR MOVEMENT patterns and IMMOBILITY seen in the average human.

Starting with a basic mobility program is the best way to begin restoring healthy movement. 

What is needed for a well balanced Mobility Program...

Joint To Joint Movement - Take every single joint in your body through a full range of motion on a daily basis. (e.g. Cervical Motion involves Turning your head side to side, look up and down, ear to shoulder and finally draw circles with your chin - that is your Cervical Spine taken through a FULL range of motion)

Soft Tissue Integrity - Release of adhesions and scar tissues, restoring integrity to the myofascial system and joint neurology (Foam Rolling, Lacrosse Ball etc. specific to the types of movements you are doing that day). 3 to 6 times per week.

Dynamic Mobility -  Awaken muscles that become amnesic from poor posture and sitting all day. (leg swings, bear crawls etc.) 3 to 6 times per week.

Primal Patterning - Reestablish innate brain to body communication (neural pathways). (tumbling, rocking, rolling, crawling, jumping and bounding) 3 to 6 times per week.

This is a process that takes time but can be accomplished with as little as 10 minutes a day.

If you are already working on incorporating a daily mobility routine and want to learn more, OR if you know you need it but don't really know where to start, I hope this blog post has given you some helpful tips.

If you want to learn more then the best step is to attend out next Move By Design™ Seminar (HERE) OR download our FREE Move By Design Manual Below.



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Dr. Ryno Tope is a Doctor of Chiropractic, a member of the New Zealand Chiropractic Association, and owner of Structural Chiropractic in Hastings, Hawke’s Bay. Dr. Tope focuses on an area of chiropractic called Structural Correction and has been in practice for 6 years. You can reach Dr. Tope at or 06•651•1004. You can also follow the Structural Chiropractic Facebook page (