“It’s ALL Good”.

This is a phrase I’ve frequently heard being used lately.

Maybe you use it. Maybe you’ve heard some of the younger people in your life use it.

Maybe you don’t have a clue what I’m talking about.

I’ve heard the phrase used in lots of different situations, at this point I think it’s mostly used to describe the sentiment that whatever occurs is O.K. For example, in a situation where you are asked to choose from coffee, tea or a juice, you might respond, “It’s all good,” meaning you don’t mind, because you like all of your options, so whatever you get is fine with you.

And hence the origin of the saying.

However, it is also used to describe a situation in which you are willing to accept what might seem like a not so favourable outcome. For example, maybe your plane is delayed a few hours, and to console yourself while you sit bored to tears in an airport vacated of anyone except your irate fellow passengers you think,

“Well maybe something bad would have befallen me had I taken the plane on time. No problem. It’s all good.”

That’s fair.

In this case, it means that you recognise that it is also entirely possible that the only thing that would have befallen you, had your plane been on time, was an on-time arrival, an on-time check-in and a good night’s sleep. And you are willing to accept that.

I’m glad to see that our younger people are looking to put a positive spin on things. Society and life in general seems to be inundated with negativity and rage of late, and it does my heart good to hear encouraging and positive “sound bites” coming out of our young people’s mouths.

However, I wonder if we’re not sacrificing our pessimism for ignorant bliss. The fact is, it’s not ALL good.

I’ve heard people say there is no such thing as a mistake.

I would have to beg to differ. No one is perfect, and consequently we have all made mistakes. It is true that we can sometimes turn something bad into something good, but it is only in acknowledging and owning up to our mistakes that we can learn from them.

So, it is not ALL good.

When it comes to health, we can’t take the “It’s ALL good” approach. We might think it is ok to not engage in physical activity, eat healthy nutritious food or look after the Structure of your body, but we do so KNOWING that, “It’s NOT all good”.

We might get by for a time, but actions have consequences and at some point, not meeting one of the vital requirements of health will lead to a problem.  Take a plant for example; lets say you place a plant in an area where is it not getting enough sunlight.  Some people might think, “It’s all good” but a plant lacking a vital requirement, sunlight; will at some point suffer the consequences. In a similar way your body has certain requirements to be healthy, it needs good fresh nutrient dense foods, regular movement, structural integrity, a healthy nervous system, water and clean air. 

Not meeting any of these requirements because we are too busy, too tired or whatever excuse we come up with, does not change the fact that actions have consequences and not meeting this need will have health consequences.

For this reason, it is critical that you, your entire family and everyone you know, regularly engage in health promoting activities. Whether you are aware of it or not, spending every day fulfilling the vital requirements of your body will result in a stronger, happier and healthier you.  

I am not saying that we have to be perfect and cant have any indulgences, I certainly have mine, what I am saying is that we have to acknowledge that those indulgences we enjoy have consequences and we should except those consequences.

When we are regularly engaging in health promoting activities and setting the stage to a healthy functioning body, then and only then can we say...

 “It’s all good.”

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