Man is either healthy, or he’s sick.

If he’s healthy, there’s a reason.

If he’s sick, there’s a reason.

If he’s healthy, there’s a logical, reasonable, and consistent explanation.

—B.J. Palmer


While there must be a reason, or perhaps many reasons for disease, it is more important to find the logical, reasonable and consistent reason for health. Addressing health is far more important than addressing disease. If you get rid of a disease, but do not restore health, a void remains. Into that void will come another disease or perhaps the same one will return. You must have health; it is a prerequisite to getting well and to the prevention of disease.


The logical reason for a lack of health is that the body is not functioning as it should. In fact, that may very well be the true definition of health, a state in which each and every cell in the body is working, as it should. If we follow the logic of this thinking, it would make sense to examine the body and determine if the body is working properly and if it is not, why it is not.

There are many reasons for the body not working properly and in our practice we address one of them. We admit that we have not looked further for other reasons why the body may work at less than perfect efficiency. There may be others; we just have not looked for them. The reason is that the cause focus on involves the nerve system, the master system of the body, which is concerned with the organisation of every activity, the production of every chemical, and the running of every cell. Further, we have found that interference in this nervous system occurs in just about everybody. This is enough to keep us busy.

What is the reason for sickness? That is the job of the medical doctor to determine that reason or reasons. It may be that the reasons for a disease are due to outside

causes; bacteria, viruses, the environment, the weather, stress, as well as things you put into your body. But, a major one is a lack of health. There is definitely some importance to those outside causes, but a lack of health, a body not working properly, is present in every situation and is therefore the number 1 prerequisite to a healthier you.

That is the role we play in our practice, to find that one cause, an obstruction in the nerve system due to a Structural Shift in the spine. In correcting those Structural Shifts we clear up the communication between your brain and body, leading to better function, less accidents and that is a prerequisite to a healthy you.

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