Space Photo Credit ( Sweetie187 )

Space Photo Credit (Sweetie187)

Podcast of Note is a monthly segment where I share one of the most impactful podcast I had a chance to listen to in the last month.

Podcast: Radio Headspace Episode #32

This podcast focused on whether the journey is more important than the destination. Commander Chris Hadfield was featured in the podcast; he was the first Canadian to walk in space and spent five months on the international space station. Although the whole episode was brilliant, Commander Chris Hadfield stole the show, he had some very interesting insights on overcoming obstacles and how to be more successful in life. 

Having dealt with a bit of stress on a regular basis, but particularly the last few months (probably as we all do), I found what he said very powerful.

“Focus on what is going to kill you next.”

When faced with an insurmountable danger of flying a rocket ship to space, how do you not get overwhelmed? By having your focus on what is going to kill you next, learn to adapt and overcome that worry then move on to the next. 

Even though we don’t really have to worry about what is going to kill us next, this is a great way on how to deal with stress and focus on what is the most important thing NOW that you can spend your energy on, instead of being overwhelmed by your immense burden of worries.

I found this podcast a great listen and I hope you do to. 

Have a Fantastic day!