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Photo (jinterwas)

Science has made significant advances in research and, has only recently begun to realise the interrelationship and interdependence of the parts of the body. This revelation is growing the importance of addressing every aspect of the body in order to experience true health, maximum potential and overall wellbeing; including the ability to think clearly, have razor sharp focus and to remember things.

There are numerous factors that can affect our ability to think clearly, concentrate and remember things.

We have all experienced these less than desired affects, such as drowsiness and mental dullness following a large Christmas day meal. Getting a bad night’s sleep can affect your mental sharpness the next day. Even alcohol, for instance, not only affects your mental abilities when it’s in your bloodstream, but in sufficient quantities will affect your mental alertness the next day (commonly known as a hangover).

Thankfully, some educators have realised that for students to do well in their studies, especially in the lower grades, it is important that they get a nutritious breakfast, one that has protein rather than one that is full of worthless carbohydrates from sugar. The corporate world has also begun to realise that by providing exercise for their executives, not only will they be healthier and have less absenteeism, but that they will also be mentally sharper and more productive when they are working.

All of the above examples of factors that can affect our ability to think clearly, are quite obvious and easy for us to understand, yet if these examples are true in the perceptible realm, then they are also true in the imperceptible realm. Any change in body chemistry, whether it is due to alcohol, a bad night’s sleep or poor eating habits is going to adversely affect your mental acuity, memory, reasoning abilities, reaction times, and your ability to focus and concentrate.

Perhaps the decrease is not noticeable to you but it may be to your partner, boss or to those around you.

You probably do not even notice it or if you do, you usually relate it to “having an off day.” Well no day should be an off day. Our bodies were created and designed to work properly all the time.  If you want the most out of life then you want your mental faculties to be working their best, all the time or at least as much of the time as possible. That can only happen if you are doing things to promote your health on a regular basis.

Such as regularly fueling your body with healthy nutritious food, moving your body throughout the day and getting Chiropractic adjustments to clear up the communication between your brain and your body. All these lead to a better functioning body and a healthier you.

Sure, you are going to have off days because of wrong choices you make like staying up too late, lowering your body’s resistance, not eating well, or not getting your spine checked for nerve interference, but that is all the more reason to make sure that your mental and physical alertness on the job, in the car and in relating to people is not impaired by not regularly doing health promoting activities.  

By doing what you know in yourselves to be right, by looking after your body in the best ways possible, in return you will reap the benefits of having a healthier body, a healthier mind and a healthier life.

If you know of any friends that can benefit from these ideas, please share with them.

Have a Fantastic day!