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Feeling good is an important aspect of enjoying life. While there are many people who seem to enjoy life, despite physical pain and discomfort, there is no doubt that it is easier to enjoy life when you are feeling good.

Being healthy is also an important aspect of enjoying life. While most people think that being healthy and feeling good are synonymous, being healthy is a great deal more than merely the absence of symptoms. There are many people who feel perfectly fine today who next week or next month will be told they are dying from some disease.   

Feeling good is not health and health is more important than just feeling good. 

There is a third level to enjoying life. It can be described as being all you can be, reaching your potential in life, functioning at your best. It is more than just feeling good and even more than just being given a “clean bill of health.” It is the difference between being competent at your work, being a success, being a great parent, and performing well in sporting activities. It is the difference between plodding along in life and squeezing every ounce of joy from it. It is enjoying the reality of life rather than watching reality shows on television. 

For all the advances in science and medicine in the fight against disease, not too many people seem to be really enjoying life.  With all the labour saving devices of modern technology, we should be doing more with our lives than increasing the time we can watch television. We should be enjoying more life and enjoy life more.  

Eating nutritious food, moving your body and having a healthy nervous system enables you to enjoy more life. These behaviours not only make you healthy but also give you the ability to function at your best. When you don’t supply your body with nutritious food, ample amounts of movement and a healthy nervous system, you are deprived of a little bit of life and your ability to enjoy life more is decreased. Supplying your body with nutritious food gives it the building blocks to create a stronger healthier you. Moving your body as much as possible keeps your tissues and cells supple, healthy and functioning at their best. Chiropractic adjustments literally restore the life to your body by clearing up the communication between your brain and your body so that it can heal itself, increases its level of health and function at its best.  

There are a number of important areas involved in enjoying life more including spiritual, physical and mental. These three health-promoting behaviours don’t have the answers to all of these areas, but eating nutritious food, moving your body and having a good nerve supply touches upon so many that it can hardly be classified as just a health promotion. It affects so many aspects of your life in a positive way that it is life promotion, it seems like it is a common sense action that no one could or would overlook.

Yet, so many people miss this simple but vital part of life and never enjoy life to the fullest.  Eat nutritious food, move more and have your spine checked regularly to enjoy life more!

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