Photo Credit ( James Lee )

Photo Credit (James Lee)

It’s hard to acknowledge it, but it’s true…we live in a throwaway society. We shake our heads at the younger generation who want to throw things out when they do not work and who look at us incredulously when we suggest they try to get them repaired. Yet the young people have kept up with the times.

Things are no longer meant to be repaired. If something breaks down, you might as well replace it. I had a laptop break down not too long ago and to repair it cost just as much as replacing it with a brand new one. I am not sure whether we are forced to buy new ones, because they no longer make parts or if they no longer make parts because everyone just buys a new one. This is especially true in business where the costs of new machines can be written off as an expense, but it is also true in the home. It does not pay to repair a fridge or washing machine. 

Added to that is the fact that we have more electric appliances now than we ever had, including of course, bread machines, power drills, blenders, and on and on and Infinitum. 

This change in our thinking creates a number of problems. In a time when we are concerned about recycling newspapers, glass containers and plastic and the ever-increasing number of landfills, we are simultaneously throwing out appliances and electronic equipment sometimes for the sake of a two-dollar part.

Perhaps the greatest problem, however, is just in the attitude that develops about how we care for things. Why bother taking care of an appliance or piece of equipment if you can just buy a new one? It really does not pay to maintain things or have them periodically checked. Unfortunately, this same attitude often carries over into taking care of ourselves. Even though we realise that very few replacement parts can be made for the human body, we are nevertheless, not accustomed to taking care of things and we neglect ourselves.

The fact that we are constantly bombarded with ads for quick fixes for everything from sinus headaches to indigestion only adds to our neglect. Many people do not change their lifestyle after angioplasty or even heart by-pass surgery. I am not sure why, but the knowledge that they know they can just have it done again would play a part.

We must realise that there are certain natural laws that have consequences when violated.

Your body has certain fundamental requirements to be healthy, just like a flower. A flower needs, sun, water and nutritious soil and if any of those requirements aren’t met do you think that plant would be healthy?

Definitely not!

When the fundamental requirements of health are not met you cannot reach or maintain your potential for health; performance at work and/or play is lessened and life’s little problems often become magnified. You just cannot get the most out of life.

It is nice to know that we are not relegated to the trash pile when something goes wrong in our body, but it is more important to realise that we must care for ourselves in order to have a full and productive life. Regularly move your body, eat healthy nutritious foods and clear up the communication between your brain and your body by improving the structure and function of your spine. Meet these fundamental requirements for health and I have no doubt your body will last as long as possible.

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