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I don’t like going to the grocery shop. I am not a shopper. I usually only go if I have something specific to buy, and I try and make that trip as little as possible. Consequently, I am not very familiar with the local supermarkets.

As a result, I spend a good deal of time in front of the signs at the end of the isle to see if I am in the right place. You see, you cannot figure out how to get somewhere unless you know where you are.

Often people will call on the phone to ask directions to the office. The first thing I have to ask the person is “from where are you coming?” I cannot get them to the office unless I know where they are.

For us to reach a destination of good health, which should be the objective of every person, we must first determine where you are. Your location, both physical and mental, is important. 

Physically, the structure of your spine may have shifted away from what is considered normal, obstructing the communication between your brain and body, inhibiting your ability to be healthy, to work, to play, to sleep and to reach your potential in every aspect of your life. These Structural Shifts have probably been present for years and may well have been affecting you since childhood. Furthermore, they are not going to go away overnight or with one or two Chiropractic Adjustments. These Structural Shifts may very well have been affecting your health in ways you are aware of (Common Secondary Conditions, such as back pain and headaches), but may have also been affecting your health in ways you are not completely aware of (just like a shift in the framework of your car would affect how well it performs).

Perhaps more important, is realising where we are in our thinking. We have more than likely all been raised with a distorted view of life and health. We are taught that germs cause disease and that treating the symptoms of a disease while ignoring the cause is okay. 

We are taught that health comes from somewhere outside ourselves rather than coming from within our bodies.

We believe that taking something from a bottle or in the form of a pill will actually make us healthy, rather than just treating the symptoms.

We are at a place where we put our confidence in someone else to get us well rather than the inborn wisdom of the body. We are not interested in maintaining our health, but only in getting rid of the illness when it arises. We think that getting sick is a matter of bad luck, rather than doing the wrong things or failing to do the right things. 

Until we realise that our perspective has been misconceived and want to change, we are never going to find our way to a healthier, more productive life.

We will either stay where we are in our thinking or worse, we will wander off in the wrong direction trying to find health and a better life in the same old ways that have not worked for the last 5,000 years.

Structural Chiropractic offers a new perspective and a new direction. It involves a radical change in our way of thinking, even our way of looking at life and the world around us.

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