Why is it that some people seem to be able to go like the Energizer bunny and others can’t drag themselves out of bed in the morning?

It is because all of us naturally have a varied amount of energy or vitality.  Some of us were born with a 12-volt battery and some with only a six-volt.  

Photo ( Lucy Lang )

Photo (Lucy Lang)

Some people simply have more energy than others.  Often we classify these with a lot of energy as “Type-A personalities” or say they are “hyper,” but the fact is most of us would love to have the energy that they have, if only to be more productive. Unfortunately, there is not much that can be done about that situation.

It would seem though, with few exceptions, that everyone should have the potential to get out of bed in the morning and carry on the activities of a busy day without feeling like they are dragging an anchor behind them.  Some people maintain that their lack of energy is due to not being able to get to sleep early enough.  They just cannot get all their tasks done by a reasonable hour.  For many of them, that inability is due to a lack of energy throughout the day that causes them to go at half speed.  So the cycle continues until and unless they get more energy.   

There are a few things one can do to have more natural energy.  Most of those things are activities that we should be doing every day in order to be healthy.  Eating good, nutritional food supplies the fuel that the body makes into energy.  Proper rest allows the body to rejuvenate and recuperate from the day’s activities.  Exercise is also important.  There is one more less known but equally necessary component to having the maximum amount of energy your body can have, that is a nerve system that is free of interference.  Whether you have a 12-or 6-volt battery running your body you will want to make sure that all the voltage available is getting through.  You can put high-octane gasoline in your car but unless the electrical system is working properly, you car is not going to have any more power.  Eating good food supplies the fuel but your nerve system enables it to be turned into energy.  Regular chiropractic adjustments are absolutely essential to a properly functioning nerve system. When one of the bones in your spine shifts or subluxates (misaligns in a certain way), it interferes with the important message/ energy flow to the organs and cells of the body.  There is no way you can expect to have all the energy you were meant to have. 

Can your car get along on six cylinders instead of eight? 

Sure it can. 

Do you want it to?

Probably not or you would have bought a six-cylinder car. 

Can your body get along with less than a full complement of natural energy?

Sure it can but do you want it to?

Like your car, a body that is not working as it should will eventually break down or develop some problem.  To maintain optimal energy keep your body healthy by fuelling it with good nutritious food, exercise regularly and keep your nerve system free of interference. 

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Have a fantastic day!